Tips To Make A Great First Impression At Business Meetings

The first impression plays a very big role in establishing a relationship between individuals. Most people will never admit it but we always judge other people's character, behavior and potential based on the first few moments together.
The first impressions in business meetings are always crucial and precious because they might as well seal the deal even before you start talking business. When it comes to business meetings you will always need to up your game and act quickly; the main aim being that the other person across the table sees your best side and go into business with you.

This article is going to take you through some facts and tips that can help you start on the right foot on your business meeting.

1. Preparation

As Benjamin Franklin once said, failing to prepare is preparing to fail, this is very true. Read up on the person you are going to meet and research about their company. Make sure that you have everything in order and even confirm the meeting venue. You can even go an extra mile of working out an alternative route in case of traffic. Go through your talking points, dress smartly, shine your shoes and make sure that you are there on time even before they arrive.

2. Confidence

There is not one person in this business world that likes a stammering individual with a weak handshake. Be confident, this will portray you as an authentic person. Do not rush your words and always speak out facts that you can prove, no one likes a liar. This way, even if the business does not work out, they will definitely remember you.

3. Show interest

The worst thing you can do in a business meeting is making it all about you. Do not show off. Instead, you need to find out more about the other person on the other side. Make the conversation personal, ask them what they like to do. People are always grateful when we show interest in their life.

4. Find a common ground

Yes, 'birds of a feather flock together' this also works in the business world. Ask them what they do apart from their professional life and then find something that you can connect with. Do not fake any interest, they are prone to know. People always relate well when they have common interests and likes. You might even get to hang out after the meeting.

5. Non-verbal communication

Little gestures like a smile or a nod usually matter a lot. This implies that you are listening to what the other person is saying. Sit up straight and always try to make eye contact. Eye contact usually earns you respect and portrays you as a person who is not afraid.

6. Be genuine and polite

Be original. Explain to them why you chose to do what you do and what do you love most about it. Sometimes you may not be successful in sealing a business deal but the passion to which you explain yourself will make you unforgettable. Humble people go far, do not be rude or ignorant. Try to be polite even when the conversation is not going well.

The most successful way to do business is face to face. How a person will think of you right from the moment he sees you up to your first word matters a lot. Any wrong step and you can lose the war even before it began.
The author of this article is Nancy Ellis. She is an economist and professional stock price predictor at StocksNeural.