Latest Case Study On How To Increase Website Traffic In 2017

How To Increase Website Traffic

I was recently asked to share some of the tactics of how to increase website traffic and convert the contents into a pay check. Most of you know these techniques to increase traffic which is Social Media Promotions, Paid Promotions, Writing catchy headlines with killer content, Using long tail keywords, Onpage SEO, Guest Blogging and Responsiveness; So, I would not be discussing those things.  Apart from these, here I present to you some solutions and recommendations to strengthen your business’s online visibility. These are the proven strategies with higher chances of being successful.

Give Visibility To RSS

One of the most effective approaches to use RSS for online marketers is by giving your feed visibility so that it reaches the largest number of RSS search engines and directories. Look for the most comprehensive directory of RSS search engines and directories in the world. Do a bit of R & D and make a list. However, the secret lies in not wasting time to join all but in choosing the best 5-10. It will surely be able to increase the visibility of your feed.

Content Marketing

While the amount of information and news is outpacing the ability of each to be updated on everything with interest, the amount of valuable information on the web is extremely low. If we exclude the press-release, technical papers and marketing communications, the quantity of good items that arrive from the publisher online is really low. This is why content marketing is the solution for how to increase website traffic.


If you have a blog or a content management system you need to leverage the ping mechanism to allow everyone to know when your new content is available on your site. If you're a blogger, your blogging engine should allow you to notify the directory when the content has been updated. Whenever you post a new content, just make sure to get it fetched and indexed by google by manually submitting through this link.

Helpful Blog Comments

Commenting on the blog posts with care and intelligence is another way to increase their visibility and in some cases to get a valid inbound (backlink) from high traffic sites. To do this, you need to share impressions and valuable content and not only to increase your page rank with a shortcut. Provide resources, links and valid examples and you'll be rewarded more than you think. To know more read this article: how to increase website traffic.

E-Mail Newsletters

Despite the newsletters are one of the oldest marketing tools, it’s still able to bring targeted visitors to your site. What I learned is that there are some elements that make the newsletter worthy of attention. In 2016, I planned to invest extra resources in improving the quality and accessibility of my newsletter and make them more readable, concise, printable, and easy to sign up and sign in with a conscious eye to spam filters and intelligent use of advertising and guess what it did wonders to me.

Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarking services like Delicious, Digg, Reddit and many others allow users to tag, archive and vote on content and sites of interest. While you can't influence these large communities must be aware of the value of these services that allow you to be found.


Grassroots Participation

The ability to strengthen the will of everyone to contribute, play, post, edit, filter, share and select content and ideas already available out of here is a huge opportunity. Put your readers to work by allowing them to contribute links and references to sources and relevant resources and help them to start new conversations by providing forums and helping them on specific issues.

Things To Avoid:
Exchange links through automated software or manuals.
Popups- You should never use this approach.
Comment and trackback spam. Do not post messages with comments or via trackback.