driver feedback signs

Many of the traffic calming methods, driver feedback signs are having better results, no doubt, in this next-gen technologically apt society and generation. But what difference does the SpeedCheck bring about? How is it better than the other methods compared? Firstly, when we are comparing, we should weigh the pros and cons of both the things compared. So, here's a list of pros and cons of the traffic calming methods like the police authorities themselves trying to control the seedy drivers. Second most popular thing in such methods come the barriers and likewise. The pros and cons are weighed below-

Pros and cons of the general traffic calming methods-

1. Some of the methods need human interference in it. That is they need the people around to have a constant check and an eye on the traffic. This demands complete alertness of the people in-charge, which is not possible. Hence this method was long back ruled out of the list of traffic calming ways. Now, the replacement was the boards with radium paint to attract the viewers.

2. The problem with the boards with radium paints or otherwise is that they come in notice only at night, of course. The radium paint has no role to play in the broad daylight. It is not an unknown fact that the accidents occur even during the day time. The main problem here still lies stir. How to attract the attention of speeding drivers, without having to pay attention to the devices every now and then?

3. Another kind of aspect when it comes to these manual or the other kinds of speed controlling and traffic calming is the barriers that are put up at different places so that the vehicles slow down. But in the recent studies, even those barriers don't help if there aren’t any kinds of policemen waiting or having a look at it.

Traffic speeders

The pros and cons of the SpeedCheck device-

1. The traffic speeders have the idea of the LED assisted boards and thus the drivers easily see the SpeedCheck devices and hold up their information as well. That is obviously the plus point if your compare with any conventional or the other ways to handle the traffic and the speedy drivers of certain areas.

2. The variable message boards have always been in demand ever since the reports and surveys came out suggesting that many of the areas and communities have seen a drop in the accident count right after the installation of these boards and signs.

3. The messages given out by these boards are very flashing and visible from a distant place as well. Other than the boards and other conventional methods, many of these boards are visible and make the information very clear. That is again a plus point when it comes to the speeding drivers.

For any speedy vehicle, a constant and still message board would do no help. The best way would be to turn towards the LED assisted boards and help avert a lot of accidents.