How To Make A Video Appealing For Users

Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing Is Important?

For a couple of years now, the video marketing has been known as one of the best performing digital assets for the image and authority of a brand, regardless of size or industry sector.

Many SME'S have expanded the resources invested in communication relying wholeheartedly to agencies for video production in all over the world and the number of businesses that have understood the importance of video marketing is in exponential increase over just a few years ago. 

As a result, the rate of competitiveness has grown dramatically. So nowadays, to make a good video and get noticed by users is always more complicated and difficult. But not impossible, though. Here are some tips to create an effective video

Give Something To The Viewer:

Everything comes from the idea of departure. Users see in the videos an opportunity for recreation, to display at lunchtime, after work or during leisure time. Companies often forget this simple concept and produce videos that are mere presentation of the company. Similar videos have no grip on users simply because they do not bring any benefit. Because users give their time, they need to receive something in return: information, fun, excitement.

Manage Well The Duration:

On average, a YouTube video lasts about 4 and a half minutes. Generally speaking, a short video is more likely to appear on top in youtube than the long one with 10 minutes or more. On the internet, there is an overabundance of content and users are not inclined to spend their time if the video is neither appealing nor informative. One should better focus on the story-telling and keep it as short and crisp as possible.

Whack The Attention ASAP:

For the same reasons, the web's audience tends to judge a video within the first 10-20 seconds. If you have been unable to break through, it is more likely that they will flee away from your video. That is why the introduction should be immediately attractive, convince the viewer that it is worth watching.

Title And Thumbnail Are Critical:

But first you must convince the potential viewers to click on your content. That is why they are so important- the title and thumbnail which acts as a preview to the video. For thumbnail: We must put on an eye-catchy, attractive and bold image. And for title: Intrigue with a witty and exciting title which drives the viewer to click on your video.

We see thousands of videos on YouTube everyday, and the title and thumbnail are the two most important factors for you to actively persuade user to click on a video. Titles should be catchy or something which is more relevant to the brand. Just add these phrases in your title and Boom! see the results for yourself-  “exclusive” “behind the scenes” and “leaked video”.

Google Trends:

It is a very useful tool to identify relevant, non-brand keywords than can help drive more traffic to your video. So, do a bit of R&D before choosing on topics.

Add A Transcript:

You should add a written transcript of your video in the description area of your video on YouTube or any other video sharing websites. It will also help boost the SEO.

Making Good Use Of Meta Tags:

Tags are another extraordinary approach to help your videos get found by search engines and users. Keep in mind that tags are a type of metadata that depicts a thing with a keyword and helps both search engines and users find relevant content.

Bonus Tip: How An Appealing Video Can Help Your Business?

  • Boosts Conversions and Sales
  • Great ROI
  • It Builds Trust
  • It Appeals To Mobile Users
  • Encourages Social share

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