Get Ready For The Carnival In United States Virgin Islands

The Bubbly Carnival at Us Virgin Islands!

We are going to speak of the wonderful annual tradition of the United States Virgin Islands: St. Thomas Carnival, the second largest Carnival in the Caribbean! Food, music and parades fill the April calendar. You can check the public holidays in the United States Virgin Islands from here.

What Is A Carnival?

Carnival in US Virgind Islands

The word Carnival suggests a series of images: for music lovers of Calypso music and vibrant show immediately means for children means fun at the famous rides and candy, cotton candy. For lovers of exotic cuisine of the Caribbean carnival also means festivals of food, the Food Fair and street markets of drinks and dishes.

For those who have tried the experience of a Carnival parade, the parades, the Word makes you think of steel drums, bands, colorful costumes, people of all ages dancing down the street, mocko jumbies and Fireworks. But if none of these images jumps immediately to mind, then it means that you have never experienced the expertise of Carnival at Us Virgin Islands! 

Carnival In St. Thomas

The tradition of Carnival in St. Thomas began in 1912, but they passed at least 38 years before the festival became truly a yearly event. In 1952 Ron de Lugo invented Carnival in St. Thomas and from that day is celebrated every year. St. Thomas hosts the second largest Carnival celebration to the Caribbean: is an event that lasts a month and that includes: calypso shows, food fair, queen pageants, steel pan shows, parades and more.

Takes place after Easter and is an incredible show of traditions and spirit. It is indubitable that Virgin Islanders love Carnival: is the first major cultural celebration of the year and is a festival that sings the praises of freedom through the dancing, singing, parades, colorful costumes, music, drinks, food, friendship and fun.

It's Party Time

The Carnival is more than just a big party: is culture alive and a heritage that is handed down from year to year, blending African traditions to Europe. In the Caribbean Carnival is celebrated in different islands and at different times of the year. You can drink, smoke and party as much as you can but too much of smoking or drinking can cause health problems. Learn quit smoking tips from here.

Event Distribution

The United States Virgin Islands, the event of Carnival is distributed on three separate islands of the archipelago at different times: in St. Thomas can be seen in April/May, in St. Croix in December/January and June/July in St. John.

Are You Planning A Trip For The Carnival?

Do you intend to visit any of the Caribbean islands for Carnival, the most critical tip is to arrange early. This is the most prevalent occasion of the whole year, so book your flight and housing admirably early. Stock up right on time too, on the grounds that numerous eateries and stores close down amid Carnival, and in the event that you don't arrange successfully, you'll be managing without. At last, arrangement for long evenings and little rest. Fair is boisterous, and it doesn't stop until early morning. Anticipate the clamor and the steady celebration.

A Wonderful Opportunity To Discover Something New

The US Virgin Islands are part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. Includes 50 islands in total, some of which are simply rocks or islets in the middle of shining turquoise waters. The 3 main islands, St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John, are gorgeous tropical paradises, each with a distinct personality. 

Also were awarded in the Lonely Planet's list of the "Top 10 U.s. Travel destinations for 2012".
If you are looking for a little-known but that can offer incredible emotions and huge surprises ... all you have to do is come!

A delight both for the soul and for the eyes!

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